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A South African saxophonist extraordinaire, taking instrumental music to new heights. Born and raised in Hanover, Cape Town, South Africa, Denzil has a distinctive mission to share the message of hope, love and restoration through his music.  Blending the sound of Gospel and Jazz, Denzil presents a dynamic music experience. Inspired by his classical music teacher, Denzil started playing at the age of 13 and has successfully performed across African continent, Europe and the USA.



Denzil Erasmus is son to Desmond and Amelia Erasmus, growing up in Hanover Park, Cape Town, South Africa Denzil completed Primary and High School at Liesbeeck and Mondale Secondary. His father Desmond Erasmus had a great love for music, while his mother Amelia Erasmus sang in a choir. Born into poverty his mother Amelia worked with motherly great love to provide for Denzil and his eldest brother. Music has always been the atmosphere that made their house a home and part of Denzil’s upbringing, at a young age his mother used music to soothe him to fall asleep. During his childhood years, church was the initial platform where Denzil would share his message of hope, love and restoration. As a teenager, Denzil did not realise that playing the saxophone would be his full-time career and life calling. In the Erasmus family, Denzil is the only musician who realised the dream and have faced many obstacles to make it this far.


Against all odds, Denzil continued to reach for the stars. From a small community in Cape Town, South Africa, his music career has taken him on a journey to become a major role player and a great influence in society and many young aspiring artists. This talented saxophonist has played across the African continent with South Africa, Namibia, Maputo and Botswana as a few to mention. His music has also taken him abroad to Europe and the USA. It is passion combined with the warm and smooth tone that vibrates through the instrument, that captures the hearts of people and have them listening attentively to his music. With the great energy he displays through his music, he continuously avails himself to give back to the local community, through upliftment projects. Denzil describes music as the outlet where he is able to be himself, by expressing his emotions through the saxophone and applying his creativity. Renowned as a powerhouse saxophonist, he has established himself as Founder, Manager and Bandleader of The Denzil Erasmus Project as well as The Denzil Erasmus Jazz Trio. In July 2016, Denzil Erasmus released his first 14 track album, Journey of Grace under the Big Fish Music label. Denzil is a sought-after session saxophonist, his local, national and international platforms has been greeted with overwhelming success, positioning him on major religious, mainstream and jazz platforms including community outreach initiatives.

Music History

He began his music lessons in 1995 at the age of 13, under the guidance of classical music teacher, Miss N Brown at Liesbeeck Primary school. In May 1997 he had the dream of playing the saxophone, his mother helped him to get his first instrument. This was the start of a rewarding journey, followed by music education at Mondale High Senior Secondary school. The informal training during his teenage years were critical to his long-term success, Denzil attended Good News Music School and Athlone Academy of music, however needed to drop out due to financial constraints. This is when he took it upon himself to get equipped and pursue his life passion.

“A new sound, a sound that feeds the soul, it’s a sound of victory”

– Denzil Erasmus


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CCFM is a contemporary Christian community radio station serving Cape Town and it’s surroundings


Jazzathon is a multifaceted project that promotes Jazz in as many forms as possible, including live performances, educational workshop programs, awards programs and multimedia content. .

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